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To Open or Not To Open

Post Covid-19 returning to your massage practice is something to consider on many levels. There are many levels of government that can affect your massage business' open date. The local level government, county and city level, can set an order to open or close. The state level government can also set an order to open or close. The state level order will override any local level order. In the event of no state order, any local level orders have to be considered. In some states the governing massage regulators such as the massage board, may rule on the open or closed status of massage. Once all local and state level closure orders are lifted as related to massage, the open or close decision becomes a personal and business decision.

If you are an employee, your employer will decide when to open the business for massage. You then have to make a personal decision if your comfortable returning to work. Keep in mind, if you refuse to return to work, you may loose your job. If you are concerned about returning to work, I suggest being open and honest with your employer about your concerns. Also, once you are "recalled" to work and your employer notifies the department of labor that you have been recalled to work, your unemployment may stop even if you make the decision to delay your return.

If you are an independent practitioner, you have to make a business and personal decision when to return to work. First of all, consider your local community Covid cases, population congestion and public health guidelines both federal and local. Consider your family situation and any challenges that returning to work may present for your family.

Secondly, consider your business situation. It is a good idea to "poll" or chat with your client base to take into consideration if your clients are ready to return to getting massages. Also consider the cost of doing business if you have to comply with close contact restrictions. Some examples of close contact considerations have been staggered schedules, limited appointments, wearing some form of gloves, masks, disposable aprons/jackets, etc. If operating with the close contact restrictions is cost prohibitive, It may be best for your business to delay returning until the restrictions are eased.

Consider all the aspects of returning to massage and remember the ultimate timing of when to return to your massage practice is a serious decision that should be considered with all the stake holders both personal and professional.

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