Health and Safety
It is the responsibility of each participant to assure they are physically capable and any contraindications for the participant and/or practice demo participants are considered and cleared with their health care professional. 

Cancellation Policy


While unforeseen circumstances, emergencies and illnesses do happen, commitments and spaces are held for each participant.  Therefore, refunds are available 31 days before the class date.  Within 30 days of the scheduled class, no refunds or credits are available.  Should you be unable to attend a class within 30 days of the scheduled class, you may transfer your registration to another participant.


Covid Policy


Covid does present unique and challenging circumstances for massage classes. In an effort to minimize risks as much as possible, Covid precautions are in place for in person classes. In person classes require a temperature check. Temperatures over 99 will not be allowed to enter the class. Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required during the class.  Refusal or in ability to wear a mask will forfeit the participant’s participation in the class without refund or credit.


Replacement Certificate Policy

Replacement certificates will be charged a $25 replacement fee. Replacement certificates are sent as soon as possible.  However, sometimes there may be delays in processing.