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Let me show you how to get the doors open to your own private practice and grow you dream practice! 

I offer personal consultation to guide you through being open for practice.  You may be an experienced veteran that needs to tune up your business and grow. You may be starting out on your own and need guideance and help getting a jump start. Either way, I am availabe to help you grow your dream practice. 

My name is Dee Vickers LMT, BCTMB, M.ED. I am a nationally board certified, licensed massage therapist. I graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor's and master's degree in marketing education. I have been an entrepreneurship educator for 27 years. I have worked with all ages and levels of potential entrepreneurs. I have mentored countless massage therapists along their journey to start and grow their massage practice. 

I opened my first private practice in Birmingham, AL as a single mother of triplets. I had absolutely no budget to start a new business, so I worked in a massage clinic and built my private clientele on the side. While I worked at the massage clinic, I opened in a small two room office with a negotiated first three months free and a lease for a year. I borrowed a couch, setup my massage table from massage school and went to work. I sold the thriving practice after three years to move my family. 

I moved my family to Memphis, TN to be the program director of a massage school. While working as a massage school program director and later school director, I once again started a private massage practice from scratch. I rented a small office and began building clientele.  The practice developed into a successful practice and I left foundational education to settle into long term private practice and professional education. 

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