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Dee Vickers is availabe for one on one consultation for you to get open for practice and help your practice thrive.  Consultation sessions are offered for personalized discussion and planning for opening a private practice or helping your existing practice grow and expand. Her 20 years experience in private practice from starting on a shoe string budget to a multi person thriving practice can help guide you through the journey of start up and growth in private practice.


  • Finding a location and key location red flags 

  • Defining your business setup sole proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation

  • Adding to your staff when, how and appropriate employment status 

  • Setting manageable finances and expectations with a minimal budget

  • Negotiating a lease

  • Protections for small business in a lease

  • Brand Setup

  • Brand Modification

  • Outrageous customer service

  • Building a client community

  • When you need a waiting list and how to manage a waiting list

  • Marketing that works without a million dollar budget

  • Time Management

  • How to terminate a client

  • Setting effective policies

  • Setting boudaries that hold

  • Getting the reviews you want and how to manage the ones you don't 

  • Scheduling client and how to implement online scheduling

  • Gift Certificate Dos and Don'ts 

A structured start up consultation series of 8 zoom sessions to help guide you into a realistic and executable start up plan that is personalized to your business to get your practice open.

A structured consultation to create a plan for exapansion and growth. The consultation package is 8 structured sessions on zoom.  The focus of the sessions is to explore the specifics of your business and create a growth plan.

A 60 minute zoom consultation to explore the needs and questions you have about your practice. 

Contact US

A 30 minute zoom session to answer quick questions and concerns about your practice. 

8608 Farmington Boulevard #5

Germantown, TN 38139​

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