Live Webinar Courses

Tennessee Massage Law Live Webinar 2 CE

Tennessee massage law is a required continuing education course for all Tennessee massage therapists to stay current on Tennessee massage laws and rules. The live webinar is approved by the State of Tennessee Massage Therapy Board as a live Tennessee Massage Law Course. An internet connection is required to attend the live webinar. In order to receive full credit, you must be live on the webinar for the duration of the webinar. 

Social Media Ethics Live Webinar 2 CE

A practical discussion and analysis of ethical communication on social media.  Ethical conduct of social media will be examined for the ethical application.

Competing with Competition in Business Live Webinar 2CE 

An examination of what is competition and how to compete in a dynamic market. 

Foot and Ankle Pathology for Massage Live Webinar 2CE 

A discussion of foot and ankle pathology. A review of contraindications for foot and ankle pathology and considerations for massage.